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FunFlyStick Set Contains:

1 Magic Levitation Wand
1 Magic Wand Manual
10 Flying Toys in a separate Storage Folder:

   "Hourglass" x 2
   "Large Sphere" x 2
   "Medium Sphere" x 3
   "Butterfly" x 1
   "Large Ring" x 1
   "Medium Ring" x 1

Multiple Award Winner!

Magic Levitation Wand
Item No 60204
As close to genuine magic as you can get!

All the would-be wizards out there can enjoy a magic wand of sorts that's simply mesmerizing. The wand emits static charge using patented technology which allows users to levitate the tinsel flying toys included with the wand just by pressing a button. Once aloft, levitating toy shapes can be directed by the user in any direction giving kids a tangible lesson in the power of static electricity and the repulsion of the like charges.

The Fun-Fly-Stick wand uses no air, strings, or magnets.
FunFlyStick is a portable, encapsulated Van de Graaff generator that begins separating electrons and protons at a press of a button. A positive static charge gets accumulated on the cardboard control tube. The special precut shapes (flying toys or flyers) are able to receive the static charge off the wand on contact. The charge gets distributed along the entire surface of the flyer and due to the repulsion of the like charges the flyer expands within itself. The parts of the shape repel each other creating visual impression of the instantly expanding shape. The flyer also repels from the wand, so by moving the wand below the flyer, you can keep it floating in the air. Touching the floating flyer with a hand causes instant static discharge and the flyer collapses into a pile of tinsel. Touching it again with the wand will bring the flyer “into life” as if by magic. When the flyers are in the air they can be controlled by the charged wand and stirred from side to side.
Various “magic” tricks that can be performed with the Fun-Fly-Stick and the flying shapes are described in the brochure included with the wand.

FunFlyStick demonstration can be found here.
Fun-Fly-Stick in Spanish

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